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November is here and with it comes the cold weather, flannel, ski caps and mustaches? Yes, mustaches!
Every November, men around the world, grow out their mustaches for Movember, a global movement dedicated to increasing awareness of men’s health issues, primarily prostate cancer. The movement started in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia when an intrepid group of 30 men decided to grow out their mustaches for 30 days and raise funds for prostate cancer and depression. This movement spread around the world, thanks to media coverage and the internet.
Since their humble beginnings, the Movember Foundation has raised over $400 million dollars worldwide, with registrants in 21 countries.
This November, I have decided to "grow" in on the fun for a good cause. I was actually in the process of trying to grow out an epic beard when I heard of Movember, and according to the rules, the beard had to go and I had to start over, freshly shaven. After shedding a tear for my hard earned beard, I took the razor and went to work. Now the fun truly begins!
According to the rules of Movember posted on the Movember website,  I have to shave off all facial hair except for my mustache, which I can grow in any way as long as it doesn’t turn into a beard or goatee. I have decided that a classic Fu Manchu would be awesome, so that’s my goal.
The Movember Foundation has a great website and even has iOS and Android apps that make the charity very social media friendly. You can post pictures of your progress, share your posts to Facebook and Twitter, get educational facts and materials, plus you even print out donation signup sheets personalized with your photo. My goal is to get as many donations as possible, in addition to my own personal donation.
I really believe in this cause. I come from a family where the men think that the only time they should go see a doctor is when they’re sick. As we all know, that means it can be too late to prevent something as serious as cancer. Also, a lot of guys in my age group (early 30s) don’t see their doctor for an annual physical and think that a prostate exam is only something their dad or grandpa needs. Hopefully, I can spread the word and come out with a great ‘stache!
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